In this month’s FX magazine, Susana Sousa, an architect at Goddard Littlefair, was invited to share her vision of luxury weekend escape pods ‘that rise above the grime and noise of urban life, once all work and tasks are completed for the week.’

FX Magazine’s ‘If Only…’ feature showcases the creative visions of designers and architects who are asked what they would create if there were no boundaries in design. ‘Guests would be shuttled up the tensile wire moorings in a mini-shunt, activated by personalised smart cards, before arriving at the centre of the hydrogen-powered structure,’ Susana explained. ‘There they would find a two-storey, solar-powered, fully stocked luxury apartment with dimmable, screened shutters for sleeping in and amazing views from the viewing platforms, thanks to the balloons’ mechanised setting, doing one entire rotation every 24 hours’.