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Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

‘Design firm Goddard Littlefair injects golden-age glam into the former The Grand Hotel Imperial.’

Hotel Designs, 31 October 2018

Lucy Robinson on Innovation for heritage brands

‘In our specialist hospitality sector, heritage brands come in the guise of well-known restaurants and hotels who’ve spent many years building their image. We support that by incorporating future-facing sustainability and a contemporised materiality, rather than rushing into detrimental, over-radical change. You have to strike a fine balance.’     

‘Have your say’, Design Insider, October 2018

The Garden

‘Filled with plants, trees, hanging baskets and vines, the new space is a biophilic delight, with the new glass roof providing natural lighting and open views of the sky, resulting in the creation of a magical oasis, right in the heart of the hotel.’

SBID Awards Winners’ Book, October 2018

Lansdowne Place

‘With renowned London-based studio Goddard Littlefair behind the interior design, fine craftsmanship is on display throughout (just take a look at the Pietra marble countertop, Macassar ebony cabinetry and marble-finished bathrooms.’

Elite Traveller, 20 September 2018

Jo Littlefair on Social Media

‘Our business is highly visual and images really talk, so social media is a very effective tool for us, as well as a great linking mechanism to our wider business community.’

Interior Designer, September 2018


‘This year we are about to launch Epicurean, an exciting new offer exclusively devoted to F&B design. We already have a dedicated team of designers in place, who can offer clients thoughtful, versatile and holistic design solutions that work both aesthetically and operationally.’

Lucy Robinson in SPACE, September 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘A contemporary classic’

DARC, September 2018

Lansdowne Place

‘You can immediately tell that Lansdowne Place…has a decidedly cosmopolitan leaning. This is in no small way down to London-based interior architects Goddard Littlefair. Design is dominated by open plan living areas, spacious sunrooms and light optimisation throughout.’

Irish Examiner, 25 August 2018

Richard McCready-Hughes on guest research

‘Interpreting our client’s brief correctly and effectively is paramount and we conduct in-depth research into market and lifestyle trends to pinpoint exactly what a target market demands. We also find that some of our best work is delivered when there is a clear resonance between the aspirations and wants of our client’s target customer and the design team themselves. This is something we consider very carefully when assembling project teams.’

Hotel Designs, 13 August 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘It is Goddard Littlefair’s first restaurant project in London and they have set the bar high, creating a space that artfully strikes the balance of elegance and ambience.’

Luxury London, 27 July 2018

Simon Tong on Advice for Graduates

‘There will be times when you think your idea is great. Believe in it and yourself and fight all the way to get it.’

Design Insider Live, 17 July 2018

Jo Littlefair on 2019’s biggest interiors trends

A huge trend, already underway, but which is long-term and not a passing fad is biophilia, the hypothesis that humans have an innate propensity to connect with the natural world. This increasingly needs to be recognised in interior spaces too, not only by bringing the outside in through open doors, windows or cut flowers, for example, but via more subtle connections, from tactile, natural materials to art curation choices. In terms of materials, metallic ceramics are starting to come up a lot on our radar, whilst a colour prediction would be subtle citrics, from burnt orange to dusky lemon.’

NovusHomes Website, 16 July 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘With eminent designers Goddard Littlefair at the helm, the interiors of the plush new Hans’ Bar & Grill are pretty, sophisticated and on-trend. There are thoughtful modern touches, such as the pea-green chairs, shrubs hanging from the ceiling and the skylight that floods the space with natural light.’

Square Meal, 5 July 2018

One Park Drive

‘The Cluster apartments, with their interlocking geometric façades, form the heart of the building. With striking interiors by Goddard Littlefair, the Cluster typology contains the greatest variety, with the lower levels connected to the parks and water; the higher floors with the sky. The top floors are home to the Bay apartments, which all boast double-height terraces set back into the building. These properties also feature interiors by Goddard Littlefair, with elegant palettes and cool textures, exposed concrete walls, timber panelling, pivot doors and natural stone which all aim to maximise light.’

Property Funds World, 2 July 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘The new venue, conceived of by the team behind Chewton Glen, Lygon Arms, Cliveden and 11 Cadogan Gardens, will offer an exciting new extended café-bar space and restaurant, including a newly-covered former courtyard space, within the 11 Cadogan Gardens hotel, and is set to appeal to a wide range of day-to-night guests.’

Interior Designer, 28 June 2018


‘A sense of place is very much underlined in the design of the estate-like rooms. Goddard Littlefair worked with local craftsmen, fabric producers and upholsterers wherever possible, referencing the many classic fabrics Scotland is renowned for, supporting Scottish businesses and paying respect to long-standing links between the hotel and particular manufacturers.’

Hotel Designs, 25 June 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘Hans’ has its share of glamour too; while the skylit dining room fitted out with parquet, velvet and marble tables by Goddard Littlefair is smart-casual, the gold-hued back room lined with wine bottles ups the stakes considerably.’

The Telegraph, 18 June 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘We’re very excited about the opening of our first London restaurant project”, Goddard Littlefair Co-founder and Director Jo Littlefair commented. “As a design studio, we’ve built an extensive portfolio of residential developments in London and an extensive portfolio of hospitality projects outside the capital, so it’s great now to have a completed restaurant project in the same city we work, eat and play in – and also to have been able to do it for such a prestigious client and in such a great location.’

Hotel Designs, 15 June 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘We are exceptionally pleased with the work Goddard Littlefair have done to create what is quickly becoming a favoured restaurant in Chelsea. Their design has utilised the space tremendously well and the aesthetic intricacies compliment the quirky nature of 11 Cadogan Gardens. Furthermore, their understanding of hotel and restaurant operations is of great benefit to the various roles an all-day dining restaurant has to play,’ added Soliman Khaddour, General Manager of 11 Cadogan Gardens.

Design Insider, 15 June 2018

Hilton Dubrovnik

‘The new interior is exactly what a remarkable hotel with a centuries-old heritage needs to be: luxurious, comfortable, magical, glamourous and yet accessible and consistent with the latest technological achievements.’

Lider, 12 June 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘A bolthole that’s grand in scale and modern in style’

ELLE Decoration, June 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘Architects and designers are increasingly using biophilia, as here at The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square, designed by Goddard Littlefair’


Lansdowne Place

‘The penthouses at Lansdowne Place provide a specification that is unmatched on the Irish residential market, with designs by renowned London-based interiors studio Goddard Littlefair. Delivering their first project in Ireland, unique features include spacious rooms that combine the beauty of outdoor living with indoor comforts, positioned to optimise light throughout. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the custom designed Irish craft integrated kitchens and matchbook marble worktops, to the impressive entrance halls and bathroom suites finished in limestone and marble.’

Property Funds World, 23 May 2018

Southbank Place

‘One of London’s most successful residential schemes has reached a landmark stage in its development. Southbank Place…has now successfully sold nearly 90% of its apartments, reaching a total sales value of £593m. Belvedere Gardens, the site’s latest and most exclusive phase, pays homage to the 1951 Festival of Britain…Superbly designed by GRID Architects and Goddard Littlefair, the apartments face Jubilee Gardens, with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing river views of London’s most recognisable landmarks.’

Building Projects, 16 May 2018

Jo Littlefair advises on using pattern

“Patterns can express character and style and can be the real differentiator in a space, particularly if well-chosen and curated,” says Jo Littlefairdirector and co-founder of Goddard Littlefair in London….Try choosing which pattern you want to sing most loudly in the scheme and make the others more subdued or calming. If that pattern is small-scale, make the others large-scale and vice versa.”

Mansion Global, 2 May 2018

One Park Drive

‘Award-winning luxury interior design studio Goddard Littlefair was responsible for creating the concept for the Bay and Cluster typologies. Much like the bold exterior, the interior brief was to create spaces that were similarly complex yet created a sense of calm and intimacy.’

Premier Construction, May 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘In the central area of the hotel, and impossible to ignore, is the appealing inner courtyard inspired by the great hothouses and nurseries of grand country estates. With its ambience flooded with daylight and generous doses of vegetation, here one can enjoy breakfast and return later for a snack.’

Atttitude (Portugal), May-June 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘Being part of a chain of high-end international hotels yet somehow managing to retain a sense of individuality is an impressive feat and it’s one that has guests here scratching their heads in disbelief….Behind the façade, wonderful surprises await, all designed to soothe, enchant and delight the senses.’

Home & Interiors, May-June 2018

Martin Goddard on Lansdowne Place

‘After many years of working on some of the most prestigious hotels in the world, we learnt that practicality and efficiency are the best ingredients for understated luxury and that was the key aim we had for Lansdowne Place. Then really it is about adding to that a sort of sense of drama, the extra elements that can make a home stand out without it being flashy. Hallways become an event, the common areas, the arrival, the concierge, all those sort of things have to function, but ultimately there’s a certain amount of theatre in terms of the arrival.’

Prime Resi, 24 April 2018

The Principal Edinburgh George Street

‘One thing that never fails to impress me about The Principal Edinburgh George Street is how, no matter what’s going on outside, it’s always an oasis of calm and serenity inside….It’s for this reason, perhaps, that the Principal is as popular with to-be-wed couples as it is with celebs (I spot Alex Salmond and Nick Cave while here – name a more iconic duo).’

Scottish Wedding Directory, 20 April 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘What Principal Hotels are particularly good at is making their new city hotels feel like they have been a part of the fabric of the area for a long time. Credit for this is largely due to their choice of buildings, but the designers play a not insignificant part in the process. In this instance, designers Goddard Littlefair have respectfully interpreted the property’s Townhouse origins to the front; including the lobby, reception and lounges, but have added a degree of modernity to the heart of the hotel that will surprise guests. Namely a beautifully-inspired courtyard ‘Garden’ space and a new bar and restaurant, known as BABA.’

GS Magazine, April 2018

Gleneagles Hotel

‘There’s nothing twee or tartan about the 232 rooms and suites. Goddard Littlefair and the Ennismore team have brought in soft greys and charcoals, pale Paisley fabrics, wood panelling, vintage-style leather trunks, and roll-top tubs.’

Conde Nast Traveller, April 2018

Martin Goddard on Hotel Brands

‘What Martin considered necessary to achieve uniqueness, and something he thought is an interesting movement in the industry, is the breaking down of hotel brands. He suggested that people don’t recognise the brand of a hotel anymore, it is more about the hotel’s location and how the design reflects this. ‘This challenges hotel operators to rethink design, which is really exciting’, he said.

SPACE Magazine Round Table, March-April 2018

Hans’ Bar & Grill

‘Housed behind one of Pavilion Road’s charming mews facades, Hans’ Bar & Grill has been designed by Goddard Littlefair. Upon entrance to the 106-seat restaurant, guests will be met by a bright and airy space featuring white fluted timber walls offset with original yellow-stock brick, a pale oak parquet floor and sky light windows.’

Hospitality & Catering News, 11 March 2018

Adrian Barboza on Natural Materials

‘Natural materials are durable and robust. If chosen well, they can also be environmentally ethical and sometimes surprisingly cost-effective. The senses an occupant experiences in a space are important for us as designers, whether that’s the tactility of smooth marble stone or the way an elegant linen fabric looks, the sound of a timber floor underfoot or even the smell of luxurious natural fragrances filling a space. Natural materials both endure and are naturally seductive.’

BCFA’s Design Insider Live, 28 February 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘An on-site restaurant called The Garden really goes to town on the whole flora and fauna trend. In a greenhouse-style atrium building, flowers fall from the walls and ceiling, left, right and centre. They’re paired with wicker garden furniture but being indoors, it’s fit for all-year-round.’

Hotel Designs, 26 February 2018

Richard McCready-Hughes on Hotel Art

‘Sensitive deployment of artwork pieces within a hotel environment enriches the guest’s experience by providing emotional resonance, a sense of individualism and personality’ chimes Richard McCready-Hughes, Creative Director of Goddard Littlefair.

Hotel Designs, 23 February 2018

Martin Goddard on hotel bedrooms for families

‘A lot of hotels still get it wrong when it comes to the family market. A roll-out or Z-bed option for kids is just too downmarket for anything but the budget sector. If this is a serious target demographic for the operator, then clever design – and resorts do this especially well – means a well-managed footprint at x1.5 normal size, with a good quality daybed converting into a bed at night or, ideally, a smaller connected room that still permits adult autonomy.’

IMPRESSION by MIX Interiors, February 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘Like a cosmopolitan clubhouse, the scheme for The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square is eclectic, intriguing and full of references to travel, from set-dressing with vintage suitcases, hats and canes to The Map Room, where the walls are lined with historic maps from around the world’, commented Goddard Littlefair Director and Co-founder, Jo Littlefair.

Dexigner, 5 January 2018

The Spa at Chelsea Barracks

‘Goddard Littlefair’s interiors expertly blend style and substance: their designs are at once elegant, yet transcend beyond mere aesthetics into the sphere of storytelling.’

Chelsea Barracks Marketing Brochure – Interiors, January 2018

The Spa at Chelsea Barracks

To find a studio so devoted to narrative and aesthetic, but still capable of rooting their designs in practicality is a rare thing indeed’

Chelsea Barracks Marketing Brochure – Interiors, January 2018

Martin Goddard’s Top 10 Design Tips

‘No. 3 – Release your inner showman (or woman)…  It’s a great feeling to bring a whole room of people with you when you present and to know that they really understand and are enthused by your ideas. You definitely have to liberate and celebarate your inner showman to achieve that.’

FX Magazine, January 2018

Martin Goddard on Hotel Public Spaces

‘How do hoteliers and brands cope and future-proof their offers? Flexible spaces are certainly a big part of the answer. Lounges are no longer places where guests should linger without being encouraged to have a coffee or snack, for example. All public space needs to generate revenue and design has to be intelligent, with layouts and furniture carefully considered.’

HotelSpec 2018

South Bank Tower

‘When it came to the interiors concept, the Goddard Littlefair design team sought to give the luxurious apartment character and detail through a sophisticated design scheme, which respects the building’s modernist heritage in terms of style, exercises restraint via simple forms and expresses a version of bespoke luxury that is revealed over time through subtlety and precise detailing.’

Interior Design Yearbook 2018

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘Multi-award-winning interior design studio Goddard Littlefair has just completed a £25m, top-to-toe transformation of The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square, formerly The Roxburghe Hotel. The new hotel joins the PRINCIPAL family of stand-out, city-centre hotels, each with its own unique treatment and personality, entirely appropriate to its historic building envelope and location.’

SPACE, December 2018


‘The 232 luxury bedrooms, including 27 suites, have been given the VIP treatment by interior designer Goddard Littlefair, as evidenced by my bathroom, with its enormous claw-footed cast iron bath and large shower lined with marble tiles.’

Harrods Magazine, November 2017

Lansdowne Place

‘Sales at Lansdowne Place, Chartered Land’s luxury residential development in Ballsbridge, have surpassed targets with over E100m secured from sales to date. The prices achieved equate to over E1,000 per sq ft and have set a new record for the Dublin residential property market.’

The Independent (Ireland), 23 November 2017

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

‘What are the rooms like? They are extremely plush, with leather headboards, pale-grey wooden panels, mustard wallpaper and velvet curtains.’

The Times, 20 November 2017


‘The setting feels like a secret oasis and is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail’

The Times, 20 November 2017

Associate David Lee Hood

‘Airbnb is only a threat to hotels that aren’t already offering a unique service or are not willing to adapt. The growth of sharing-economy companies such as Airbnb actually gives hotels the opportunity to sell their customer service offer as a differentiating factor, as well as the incentive to become more personal in response to changing expectations. Hotels can also rely of course on the perennial appeal of a beautifully-designed space.’

BCFA’s Design Insider Magazine, 31 October 2017

South Bank Tower

‘Bronzed and beautiful… Goddard Littlefair filled the home with an exquisite design scheme of sleek bespoke furnishings and an alluring medley of gleaming bronzes, warm coppers and soothing browns and blues.’

Home & Décor (Singapore), September 2017

Lansdowne Place

‘All have been sold off-plans with a swish marketing suite constructed to show off the level of finish and décor options from London-based interior designers Goddard Littlefair. The company is known for its five-star fit-out and has recently been rewarded for its work, by winning industry awards including Interior Designer of the Year at the 2017 Build Awards.’

The Irish Times, 14 September 2017

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square, formerly the Roxburghe Hotel, reopened yesterday after a £25 million refurbishment. The makeover, which was done by British luxury design studio Goddard Littlefair, includes the transformation of the hotel’s courtyard into a garden.’

The Scotsman, 05 September 2017

Richard McCready-Hughes, Creative Director

‘Hospitality design is becoming increasingly sophisticated and we are seeing much more collaboration between operators and specialist consultants to create a guest experience which is much more memorable and emotionally involving. Subtle visual cues, unique experiential signatures, entertainment, smart use of technology and ultra-intuitive service are some of the elements combining to provide distinction within the market place.’

Vision Style Awards 2017, September 2017

Jo Littlefair

‘Hotels will have to really major on what they do differently. Service will be an increasingly determining factor in what constitutes luxury’

HotelBau Journal, September 2017

The Gleneagles Hotel

‘An artful mix of classic and contemporary, using subtle colours drawn from the landscape, highlighted with whimsical details (a bowler hat on top of a wardrobe, antique binoculars on a stone mantelpiece) providing personality, moving the look firmly away from hotel generic toward well-considered boutique.’

The Telegraph, August 2017

The Gleneagles Hotel

‘The new face of Gleneagles is delivered via a host of best-of-British designers’

FT ‘How To Spend It’, 1st August, 2017

Goddard Littlefair

‘What five words would you use to describe Goddard Littlefair?

Jo: Observant, outward-looking, engaged, inspired and inspiring.

Martin: Friendly, creative, team-players, ambitious, humble.’

SPACE, June/July 2017

South Bank Tower

‘This stunning London apartment was arranged around an impressive double-height living space’

Bridge for Design, Summer 2017

Martin Goddard

‘Judged by a panel of twenty-eight of the most influential hospitality designers in the world, including Lazaro Rosa Violan (Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio) and Martin Goddard (Goddard Littlefair), the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards identified the best new products ideally suited to the hospitality market for ‘design excellence.’

Dexigner, 17 July 2017


‘The team designed a total of five concepts for the 232 guestrooms, 30 of which are now complete. Each tells a different story and is designed to look as if there’s a degree of history, with art and antiques that feel as if they have been collected over time.’

Sleeper, May-June 2017

Corinthia Budapest

‘“I’ve worked in Budapest for years,” Goddard said, noting his recent work on the Hilton and the Gresham Palace years ago. “Everywhere you work, people come from a different experience, so consultants are used to doing things different ways. The challenge is to adapt how you work to local practices, but also, you have to be aware of cultural sensitivities. You have to tread a diplomatic line.”’

Hotel Management, 17 June 2017

Southbank Place Spa

‘The social aspect is a big part of designing for the millennial generation and a large social space is at the heart of the design,’ says Goddard. ‘There will be scope for many different user missions beyond fitness, including health and well-being, beauty treatments and relaxed socialising. There is also a couple’s treatment room, which is possibly unique in the London development market and again responds to millennial trends.’

The Telegraph, 13 June 2017

Jo Littlefair

‘I would say I lean naturally to a more feminine, lighter palette, whereas Martin has a strong link to the shapes and lines of art deco, having worked on incredible spaces like the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest. Where we meet is in a layered look, where metals, timbers and fabrics come together seamlessly with plays on depth, texture and authenticity.’

Chase Erwin Blog, 12 June 2017

Lansdowne Place

‘The interiors at Lansdowne were executed by London-based interior architects Goddard Littlefair, much of whose work is in five-star hospitality properties. ‘The worlds of hospitably and high-end residential are really not far removed,’ explains Martin Goddard. “The sort ofpeople who stay in five-star hotels are the sort of people who want to buy developments like this.’

The Independent, 5 June 2017


‘Excitement mounts by the day in anticipation of the soon-to-launch luxury apartment scheme, Lansdowne Place, on the site of the   for months now to those in the know, and it’s understood that as many as 20 apartments (in the 215 unit scheme) have already sold off-plans.’

The Irish Times, 30 May 2017


‘Canary Wharf Group director of residential sales Brian De’ath said: “There has been a phenomenal amount of effort from everyone involved in this project, at every level, and when complete, Belvedere Gardens will be one of London’s finest addresses.”’

The Wharf, May 2017


‘Goddard Littlefair designs new generation healthcare’

Construction News, May 2017


‘Rooms have been done up in calming dove-greys and creams – opt for the top floor and its close-your-mouth-dear views of the city skyline. But best of all everything works like clockwork…’

Tatler, May 2017



‘Stylish holidaymakers were wowed by the design and ambience at The Principal York, York, naming it the UK’s best hotel interior’

LateRooms Awards in The Mail Online, 20th March 2017


‘At the marketing suite, incorporating Ken Livingstone’s former office at nearby County Hall, interior designers Goddard Littlefair have shoehorned a ‘mockette’ show apartment and detailed models of both the dedicated fitness facility at Belvedere Gardens and the health club for all Southbank Place residents.’

VOGUE, March 2017


‘This project has been a great experience for us. It has been incredibly rewarding and we feel privileged to have been involved. We love restoration projects and challenges – particularly, as here, when we can address the whole space, be creative and successfully breathe new life into a property.’

Jo Littlefair in Impressions (MIX Interiors supplement), March 2017


‘Whenever I’m driving along the North Bank of the Thames and look over, I really do feel a sense of pride over having had some influence on such a new landmark development for the city, particularly because this scheme is being designed with a real commitment to quality from everyone involved. It’s not just ‘another glass box’, but something that has been properly considered at every stage.’

Martin Goddard in Absolutely Magazine (Qatar), March 2017


‘Design can really enhance an experience and create magic for the guest and it certainly doesn’t all have to be about luxury – but it does have to be true to the desired perception and it does have to function impeccably.’

Impressions (MIX Interiors supplement), March 2017


‘Few interior designers know more about the luxury London look than Martin Goddard’

METRO, February 7th 2017

Lansdowne Place

‘The firm’s unique selling point is the ability to knit smart, sensual design with a healthy dose of pragmatism.’

The Irish Times, 28 January 2017


‘All of the interiors have been designed by Goddard LittleFair, with all of the furniture being bespoke, meaning it is not available on the high street and has not appeared anywhere else. Martin Goddard, Goddard Littlefair’s director, said: ‘My favourite pieces are the dining room chairs and I have one of these at home as I gave the chair a unique treatment for this development. It has a real boutique feel.’

 The Mail Online, 27 January 2017


‘It has undergone a huge refurbishment, given itself a rebrand and had all the locals raving; it was definitely time to pay a visit to The Principal Hotel in York…..The setting was pure elegance; high ceilings, huge windows, grand artwork and views across the lawn sweeping over to York Minster. So, when asked if I was having a glass of Lanson Père et Fils brut NV with my afternoon tea, it felt only right to oblige; these surroundings certainly call for a glass of champagne.’

The Yorkshire Times, 25 January 2017


‘Creating successful F&B spaces within hotels is a fascinating and highly challenging proposition, which, in the end, is as much about acknowledging a different mindset as it is about ‘pure’ design issues.

Martin Goddard, HotelSpec, January 2017


‘For a long time, the biggest influence on the design evolution of bathrooms has come from the spa and wellness sector. Now, whilst that influence still remains, something more complex is going on, with the hotel-residential flow of inspiration providing a constant two-way dialogue, as home-owners are inspired by what they see and experience on their travels and as hotels respond to domestic demands for home-from-home comfort.’

Martin Goddard on bathroom trends, Interior Design Yearbook 2017


‘Private clinic sets new benchmark’

Health Design & Management, January 2017

Jo Littlefair

‘A beautifully-laid table reflects the best the season can bring’ says Jo Littlefair, the director and co-founder of Goddard Littlefair, the luxury interior design company’

The Times, 9 December 2016

Belvedere Gardens

‘The two penthouses and the one, two and three-bedroom flats will also have interiors by Goddard Littlefair, with bronze detailing in every home and subtle tones in the health and fitness centre and residents’ lounge.’

The Express, 2 December 2017


‘In a majestic George Street townhouse, this grand bistro brings a touch of old world dining to the Scottish capital thanks to its polished herringbone flooring, Art Deco-style chandeliers and decorative plasterwork. The restoration was overseen by design firm Goddard Littlefair, which explains the attention to detail and luxe finishes – it has also just revamped much of Scotland’s grande dame Gleneagles Hotel.’


ELLE Decoration, November 2016

The Principal Edinburgh

‘The current hotel has been sensitively remodeled by Goddard Littlefair interior architects, complete with 240 bedrooms, eight meeting and event spaces, a restaurant, bar and coffee shop.’

Travel Daily, 15 November 2016

Private Apartment, Belgravia

‘Ecstatic with the final result, the family, who now call this apartment home, say this penthouse ticks all the boxes. It’s filled with warmth, light and a good dose of luxury.’

Home Design, Australia, November 2016


‘Principal may not be a new name to the UK hotel market, but the newly launched brand’s distinctive philosophy and finance could shake up city centres nationwide….. The customer facing side of the business has also been overhauled with fresh designs that seek to enhance the original design aesthetics of the original, often Victorian or Edwardian, buildings. Interior design firm Goddard Littlefair has worked on the York and Edinburgh hotels.’

The Caterer, 4 November 2016


‘Martin Goddard, the co-founder of the interior design company Goddard Littlefair, which is behind the big-name spas at the Corniche and Portland House developments in London, and now Belvedere Gardens, wants to bring the hotel experience to the residential market. ‘In the past, you might have had large car parks, storage or possibly some retail on a lower floor, but buyers who stay in five-star resorts are used to having a quick blow-dry or manicure on site.’

The Times, 4 November 2016


‘Set in the prime position of the 5.25 acre Shell Centre development, Belvedere Gardens will offer panoramic views of the River Thames and across central London. With refined interiors exclusively designed by Goddard Littlefair and sophisticated architecture by GRID Architects, the 97 apartments are split over 20 levels, comprising 23 one-bedrooms, 58 two-bedrooms, 13 three-bedrooms and one three bedroom duplex, plus two penthouses, arranged across the 10 and 20 storey buildings.’

The Urban Developer, 28 October 2016


‘We were not looking for the usual clinical healthcare design’, One Stop Doctors CEO Ella Tracey commented, ‘but wanted a designer who could share our vision for creating an ambience that was relaxed, reassuring and tranquil, very comfortable and also aesthetically beautiful, but which still felt professional and reassuring to patients, so they know they are in the best possible care.’

Design Insider, October 2016


‘The interior layout, look and feel were all created as part of an intense consultation process between Goddard Littlefair and One Stop Doctors, aimed at creating a highly-differentiated leader brand within this marketplace for the first of a planned series of eight clinics to be located around the M25 corridor area.’

DesignMena, October 2016


‘Luxury interiors specialists Goddard Littlefair have completed the design of a £15m+ boundary-changing health and wellness clinic for innovative healthcare practitioners One Stop Doctors. The first One Stop Doctors clinic, in Hemel Hempstead, will set a new standard of excellence in the private healthcare sector.’

Archello, October 2016


“London Finesse….Interior design specialists Goddard Littlefair recently completed this peerless Central London penthouse apartment for an international client family.”

Habitat, South Africa, September/October 2016


“Martin Goddard of designers Goddard Littlefair went to Italy to handpick all the marble used for the newly renovated bathrooms in this majestic hotel.”

Essential Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, September 2016


“Belvedere Gardens is a beautifully designed building of just 97 apartments. From its commanding position on the south bank of the Thames it offers the most enchanting views of London.”

London Evening Standard, 14th September 2016


“World class interior design firm Goddard Littlefair has led the recent restoration of The Hilton, Budapest, with a Midas touch.”

BELLE, Australia, August/September 2016


“There are particular challenges when creating a bar within a hotel, points out Martin Goddard, director of interior designers Goddard Littlefair which has worked on bars both in hotels and on the high street. ‘Hotel bars can afford to be more residential in feel and more glamorous too. Furnishings are softer and higher-quality, without the same robustness demands as the high street.”

BAR Magazine, July 2016


“The prominent high rise is now about to enter its next chapter in life, following a swanky redesign by KPF for real estate firm CIT and a range of contributions by some of the capital’s leading interior firms.”

Wallpaper, July 2016


“Internationally renowned designers Goddard Littlefair will lend their flair to 30 of Gleneagles’ guest rooms, reimagining their detailing, fabrics and colours to create a warm and welcoming country-estate ambience.”

Robb Report, USA, July 2016


“Inspired by world-class design inside and out, the new residences showcase high-rise living at its very best.”

The City Magazine, July 2016

The Gleneagles Hotel

“Ennismore is working with some of the country’s most celebrated practices – including David Collins Studio, Timorous Beasties, Macauley Sinclair and Goddard Littlefair – to create designs and spaces that reflect Gleneagles’ specifically Scottish identity, but with a contemporary feel.”

SLEEPER, May/June 2016

The Gleneagles Hotel

“Goddard Littlefair has overseen the refurbishment of the initial 35 bedrooms and linking corridors, with five design concepts and many one-off touches employed. Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director of Goddard Littlefair, said that the design was influenced by the surrounding location, with contemporary luxury sitting alongside antiques and original art. “Inspiration came from our initial visit to the hotel and from seeing the building for the very first time: taking in its scale, presence and grandeur, as well as its incredible location, with rolling Scottish hills and an amazing palate of natural colours in every direction.” 

The Caterer, June 2016

The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen

‘It’s cosy and decorated in a 1920’s speakeasy style. Soft lighting from chandeliers above you and ‘gas style’ wall lighting combined with large white and black marble floor tiles give the feeling of being in Manhattan for a moment not Edinburgh.’ 

The Luxury Editor, 21 June 2016

The Gleneagles Hotel

“The first phase of Gleneagles renovation, set to be completed this month, will include a new bar in the Dormy Clubhouse, created by British design house Macaulay Sinclair and the redesign of about 30 guestrooms by designer Goddard Littlefair. What should guests expect? We hear the revamped guest rooms will have a country estate vibe to them, thanks to their fab new furnishings.”


The Royal York, The Telegraph, Hotel, Review

The Principal York

“Combined with the grandeur of the rooms, the quality of finish and furnishings gives the sense of an elegant stately home; yet details like the gorgeous chandeliers and a clever use of sofas, tables and modern carpets to break up the formal spaces ensure it is extremely cosy, comfortable and fresh-feeling too. An inspiration for any Victorian hotel seeking to update.” 

The Telegraph, April 2016

The Principal Edinburgh

‘The 249-room George Hotel is quirky and characterful as well as suave and sophisticated, both venerable and modern, reassuring yet progressive.’

Scotland on Sunday, 20th March 2016

The Principal York

“The sheer size of the building naturally lends itself to a lofty grandeur but the design aspects and furnishings have taken 4 Star Luxury to another level.”, April 2016

The Gleneagles Hotel

“The new owners of The Gleneagles Hotel have launched a multi-million pound refurbishment of the property. Private investment firm Ennismore said improvements and upgrades were being made throughout the Perthshire hotel. Designers involved in the initiative include David Collins Studio, Timorous Beasties, Macaulay Sinclair and Goddard Littlefair.”

BBC website, 15 April 2016

The Principal Edinburgh

‘What Clooney and the much misunderstood Hanoverian monarch George III share is something the George Hotel itself has to spare… call it charisma, but I would prefer to say hidden depths and, in a word, lovability. It is the ideal place for a top-notch wedding, or major family event, offers everything the business conference might need and the perfect spaces for a romantic break. Book now. You won’t be disappointed.’

The Scotsman, 23 March 2016

The Principal York

“Stepping through the doors, you enter a world where classic and contemporary combine to impressive effect. Even as you’re being wowed by the period architectural features – decorative pillars, dramatic arches and, most of all, the magnificent cast-iron staircase at the heart of the hotel – you’re simultaneously soothed by the elegant, subdued colour scheme of soft greys, tans and off whites. High quality materials provide a feeling of luxe, while quirky finishing touches supply interest and character.”

Destination Capita Travel and Events, February 2016

The Principal Edinburgh

“This is very much a fully-flexible, thoroughly thought-out food and beverage retail offer” comments Martin Goddard, director of Goddard Littlefair. “It is aimed at residents of and visitors to the city of Edinburgh as well as at hotel guests, with maximum flow and adaptability throughout the day.”

Commercial Interior Design, Dubai, January 2016

The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen

‘The décor and branding evoke the feel of a 1920s Speakeasy, with oak herringbone and chequerboard tiling on the floor and bespoke joinery and brass detailing forming the bar.’

Supper, January 2016


‘The Canaletto tower, designed by the Amsterdam-based UNStudio, has given the Tech City a residential revamp. Located half-way between Old Street and Angel stations, the streamlined high rise comprises 31 stories of apartments, including the newly launched, three bed Beaumont suites. Inside each of these high end homes on the 25th to 28th floors, interior designer Goddard Littlefair has created a peaceful, modern sanctuary.’

Archiscene, January 2016

The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen

‘The space is classy and sassy, with a menu based round Scottish produce….The Printing Press has hit the ground running, with an ambition as bright and clear as its twinkling chandeliers.’’ 

The List Eating and Drinking Guide 2016

The George, Edinburgh

‘Outstanding interior design company Goddard Littlefair have done an amazing job in their redesign of the restaurant (The Printing Press) and the coffee shop (Burr & Co), part of The George hotel in Edinburgh. Bespoke works that need no words of praise as the pictures tell their own story. An excellent project, but then we would not expect anything less from this design company.’

Decoration Digest, December 2015

The George, Edinburgh

‘Acclaimed hotel and hospitality design firm, Goddard Littlefair, has completed the interiors for the new Printing Press Bar & Kitchen at The George Hotel, Edinburgh, as well as new coffee shop – Burr & Co.’

Hospitality Interiors, December 2015

The George, Edinburgh

‘At 249 rooms The George Hotel is deceivingly large, however when you walk into the Corinthian columned lobby and up to reception, you have the feeling you are in a far more intimate and welcoming environment, you almost feel like you have walked into a county mansion … Definitely now one of the best luxury hotels in the city.’

The Luxury Editor, 21 June 2016

The George, Edinburgh

‘There’s nothing stuffy about Edinburgh’s oldest hotel; it does classy/contemporary on a grand scale throughout … The quality and attention to detail is notable, with graceful references to the literary history of the building.’

The Telegraph, December 2015

The George, Edinburgh

‘As in all our projects, every single item of furniture and lighting is completely bespoke and designed entirely for this particular environment, positioning and clientele by Goddard Littlefair.’

Martin Goddard in World Architecture News, November 2015

The Byfield

‘The interior by Goddard Littlefair displays a quintessentially British yet classically modern design’

The Sunday Times – The Byfield wins at British Home Awards, October 2015

Southbank Place Marketing Suite

‘The marketing suite heralds a new design approach,’ commented Goddard Littlefair Director and Co-Founder Jo Littlefair, ‘with a concept that is immersive in character, giving an essence of what clients will be able to purchase and communicating an instant feeling of exclusivity.’

Dexigner, October 2015

Sleep Event 2015

‘Perrin & Rowe is participating in Sleep 2015…The interactive luxury hotel bathroom setting exclusively designed by Goddard Littlefair will also make way for the unveiling of Perrin & Rowe’s new, Deco Bath Shower Mixer at Sleep 2015. The Deco Bathroom Collection references original designs created by Martin Goddard of Goddard Littlefair on a project both companies collaborated on, drawing inspiration from the Art Deco era.’

KB Network, October 2015

Jo Littlefair

‘In the international hotels market…the revolution brought about by boutique hotels is still being felt by the major luxury brands’

Jo Littlefair on colour trends, Interior Design Yearbook 2016

Jo Littlefair

‘Clients are asking for flexible layouts, so that even highly-glamorous dining spaces contain concealed storage.’

Jo Littlefair in Interior Design Today, September 2015

Martin Goddard

‘Estate agents are setting higher benchmarks for technology’ Martin Goddard says. ‘An entry-level system now covers music in every room; movie storage and on-demand services; lighting, heating and cooling.’

Studio Magazine, Autumn 2015

Martin Goddard

‘Martin is an expert in his field; a business and brand strategist and a pragmatic and highly-creative team player with an exceptional eye for detail.’

Jury Profile, World Interiors Awards, July 2015

Goddard Littlefair

‘Goddard Littlefair is sought after because their work is consistently good and predictably unique’

9fi5th, USA, June 2015

Jo Littlefair

‘Jo Littlefair, director at Goddard Littlefair said: ‘We have clients come to us for our diversity. We’ve undertaken hotels as well as developer work and private residential and it can be the case that each industry is feeding the other in terms of ideas.’

Feature on colour, FX Magazine, June 2015

Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

‘The four-star Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow is the winner of 4 awards at the Scottish Hotel Awards 2015 including Gold Laurel Award. The hotel features striking, authentic Victorian architecture and beautifully-restored original features that harmoniously sit alongside contemporary aesthetics, creating a truly elegant and luxurious environment.’

Heathfield website, June 2015

Ebury Square

‘Winner among large developers – Ebury Square, Belgravia by Berkeley Homes. This redevelopment of a dowdy police tenement block has brought 71 swish apartments to an improving patch on the Belgravia-Pimlico border….Interior design is sumptuous yet tasteful.’

London Evening Standard, 20 May 2015

Ebury Square

‘Entrance areas and hallways should be celebrated, not hidden, says Ebury Square’s interior designer Martin Goddard from Goddard Littlefair. ‘In a traditional house, the hallway and staircase are often the most striking feature and so in lateral apartments the same sense of arrival has to ring true.’

The Telegraph luxury section, May 2015

Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

‘The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow has undergone a £4.6m makeover just four years after re-opening its doors from a previous refurbishment. The multi-million-pound investment has included opening a previously unused fifth floor and the unveiling of 46 new bedrooms and suites, increasing the hotel’s offering to 230 bedrooms. Interior design team Goddard Littlefair was appointed to create a ‘home-from-home’ environment.’

Hotel Owner, November 2014


‘Martin Goddard of Goddard Littlefair, the interior designers who co-ordinated the look of The Beaumont Collection, believes that City Road, where Canaletto is located, will be to architecture what Bond Street is to boutiques. ‘Canaletto is the benchmark’ he says.’

Canaletto Magazine, April 2014

Ebury Square

‘Integral to St James’ vision for creating exceptional family homes is the commission of Goddard Littlefair, a specialist interior architectural practice with extensive experience in designing some of the most stylish residential interiors in the world.’

Berkeley Group brochure, January 2014

Roehampton House

‘Jo and Martin have a long history as interior designers in the luxury hospitality industry’, June 2013

Jo Littlefair

‘We like to form individual areas within large rooms. By giving each area identity, it increases the sense of moving through a space. Scaling furniture appropriately is something we are fastidious about as it means we can control proportions and attain that designed-to-fit look.’

Jo Littlefair, Achica Living, Summer 2013

Martin Goddard

‘If you are a connoisseur of five-star hotels, you will have no doubt admired the work of Martin Goddard.’

Design Curial, December 2011