Goddard Littlefair has recently completed a magnificent private penthouse in Casson Square within the Southbank Place Development. A result of combining two spacious riverfront apartments, the elegant three-bedroom penthouse interiors are equally as spectacular, with breath-taking city views to match.

The challenge of creating one super-apartment from two floorplates was the starting point for the design. The premise delivered an apartment which spans the full width of the building and therefore the design concept was strongly influenced by the building’s enviable panoramic views of the Thames. References to the luxury superyacht design, with rich materials and sleek lines intertwined within sculptural forms became a focal point throughout the generous property.

The owner’s love of natural stone and architecture was a considerable influence on the design direction and led to the studio’s meticulous selection of different marbles, exquisite textured materials and curated placement of art pieces throughout the scheme. Through their inimitable expertise on how to work with the intricacies of materials, bespoke joinery and with their appreciation of attention to detail, Goddard Littlefair has worked with varied finishes and textures, some in the centre of the design and delicately introduced to achieve a tasteful and sophisticated home environment.

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