‘The Garden’ at The Kimpton Edinburgh Charlotte Square is a destination all-day food and beverage space for hotel guests and an oasis for local Edinburgh residents, featuring a new glazed roof for all-year use and a design inspired by the great hothouses, orangeries and nurseries of grand, historic country estates. A deliberately eclectic and varied approach was taken to the scheme’s furnishings and accessories to give the impression of an ensemble of pieces acquired by the owner of the ‘house’ over a period of many years.

A strong visual axis has been created by Goddard Littlefair to ensure that the new ‘Garden’ space is immediately visible from the moment you enter the hotel. The space has been skilfully sub-divided to provide guests with a sense of privacy and intimacy, using reclaimed glazed doors, fretwork screens and metal gates sourced from architectural salvage yards. Two different types of ceramic tile are used for the flooring, with one for the main space and one around the perimeter  – and both types made to resemble distressed/aged concrete with subtle, worn patterns, whilst timber is additionally used for threshold area.

A reclaimed green-painted workbench serves as an authentic centrepiece for The Garden and is clearly visible from the entrance. This is used both for breakfast display and for cakes and pastries when tea is served in the afternoon. A bar area features a riveted zinc counter, overhanging pergola and vines and provides a visual focus at one end of the space, enlivened by sounds from its own water fountain.A deliberately eclectic and varied approach has been taken with all the furnishings to give the impression of pieces acquired by the owner of the ‘house’ over a period of many years. These include a combination of painted wrought iron, wicker, timber and woven rattan chairs.  

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