Goddard Littlefair designed almost 30 suites, estate rooms and corridor treatments for The Gleneagles Hotel, as part of a first phase of redevelopment by the hotel ‘s owner Ennismore. Five rich and varied room concepts were developed, inspired by the emotional uplift of the location, and delivering a warm, welcoming and reviving feel that marries luxury to authenticity via bespoke furniture and carefully-curated art and accessories.


The five different room concepts created by Goddard Littlefair include suites and ‘estate room’ concepts. All were designed to look as if they had had a degree of previous history, with a collection of art and accessories, for example, that gave the impression of having been accrued over time. Art consultants ARTIQ worked closely with the Goddard Littlefair design team to source the perfect artworks for each room and concept, with all the art paying reference to a strong sense of place and linking to the Scottish countryside, country life and outdoor pursuits.

A sense of place was also underlined by working with local craftsmen, fabric producers and upholsterers wherever possible, referencing the many classic fabrics Scotland is renowned for, supporting Scottish businesses and paying respect to long-standing links between the hotel and particular manufacturers.

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